A Social Media Drinking Game

Here’s my random thought of the day:

After reading this article: The web, the politician and the prostitute, I was inspired to imagine the following game:

  1. Get with a few of your friends at your favorite bar. One with wireless access;
  2. Start drinking;
  3. When everyone’s getting good and happy, pull out your special deck of cards. You’ll be the first player, the Prosecutor;
  4. The Prosecutor points out one person in the group. He/she is the Accused (got to come up with cuter names, though);
  5. The Prosecutor draws a random card from the deck. These cards have a single crime written on them, stuff like Murder, Rape, Child Molester, Embezzlement, Prostitution, etc. The more heinous, the better;
  6. He shouts, “YOU NOW STAND ACCUSED OF _______ !”;
  7. Everyone else in the group is a Journalist. It is now their job to mine the accused’s social networks for all the juicy bits they can find: incriminating photos, random quotes etc. The more they support the crime the better;  the most outlandish out-of-context statements that prove the accused’s proclivities gets the most points. Digging into obscure connections and long-past history (archive.org is allowed) gets even more points;
  8. Be prepared for a lot of teasing.

This game is good for sobering up before you head home for the weekend.  It’s sobering to see how much privacy we’re willing to give up these days.  🙂

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