Startup Houston Weekend

Erica reminded me that Startup Weekend Houston was arriving. Darn! I’m just too swamped this weekend to attend. But, I did attend the Friday evening event at Stag’s Head. Everyone was excited, the ideas were good, the energy was palpable. Too bad I can’t make the rest of the weekend.

A lot of great ideas were presented as the company project, but when sultry Laura Mays shared her idea, I immediately thought, “Nice; very tangible, pragmatic, and doable, yet has not been solved before. And oh so ‘Web 2.0’ too“. I had to leave before voting, but it was nice to hear that the rest of the group voted for her idea as well — so that’s on the development hopper this weekend, TipDish (check out the Startup website for details).

Again, sorry I can’t join the group this weekend; but tango night at was exhausting — the crowd showed up late — and after getting home at 2:30 am I slept straight solid til 11:30 am. Then it was at the shop again; Connie’s short-staffed, as one of her young workers was taking the SAT test. So, I stepped in, covering the register til 4:30 pm; it was a very steady stream of customers all afternoon. They’re preparing an Afternoon Tea party for 16 now, but more staff have arrived, so I’ve headed home. Too tired to swing by the Startup group, plus François has been home alone. So, maybe Sunday, before soccer, I’ll check out what’s being dished out 🙂

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