On Air with KPFT

I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker on a Fair Trade talk show with KPFT today. The show airs form noon to 1 pm; I’ll be on during the second half.

As a board member of Ten Thousand Villages Houston, a supporter of Connie’s own fair-trade certified tea shop, Té House of Tea, and generally interested in world affairs, fair trade concerns are important to me, so I hope this will be a good show.

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I'm the founder and president of Agoric Source, LLC, co-organizer of the Houston Python Meetup, and active board member of several local non-profit organizations, including Ten Thousand Villages Houston, the Houston Area Model United Nations, and the Weekley Family YMCA. I'm first and foremost still a software hacker, but with my economics background and business experience, I serve well as a project or program manager, technical visionary, etc. I'm opinionated, but hopefully reasonable so. My blog is just a chance for me to keep up with my writing skills, and expound upon various technology and policy subjects. I especially try to keep up with the Houston software community.